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CosmicAfro #26 185w, 5d ago Reply >>959091959091Night"stare", and not until I finish a couple of things on my to-do list.Such as replying to this comment. Godzillawolf 3,191 words349 views 9 2 T Daddy Told Me. Unicop 1,035 words729 views 57 5 E Sunset Shimmer, Couples Counselor Eq Hu Ra Ro Sl Telling Flash Sentry to get over Princess Twilight Sparkle was just the first step. Will we ever find out what happened to Thunderbass? The Guardian and Friends #5 93w, 3d ago 3 Reply OH GOD! WAIFU STEALER HAS A TWIN! AHHHH! StardustSurvivor #6 93w, 3d ago Reply you are writing a sequel to this. Tennis Match Fan 2,199 words1,005 views 40 3 E Pinkie Eats a Cheese Sandwich Ro Sl Working hard at Sugarcube Corner takes its toll on Pinkie Pie. One day they all found themselves trapped in a place where all their happy endings were stolen and their friendships broken.our world This is how it happened If you like this story please comment. "Why else?" Sunset pushed a lock of gold hair back behind her left ear."Because I saved the school?""Actually, I've like you since Sophomore year.""Now I know that's a lie!" Sunset answered. With the ponies and Spike in it now, things will happen differently than they would've if they had stayed in Equestria. Celestia stopped as the ponies surrounding her gasped.Youre so pretty, the filly said, pretty and sad. Chinchillax 1,337 words3,045 views 163 5 E Donuts Eq Hu Ro Sl Thunderbass and Sunset Shimmer go on their date to a donut place. A different point of view can make all the difference. Captain Wing, you may begin.Celestias voice fell silent, replaced by the equestrian national anthem, as the engines roared into life. tyrant6 5,004 words899 views 41 1 E Operation: Lunacorn Ad Cr The penguins fully expected to get to another dimension, their way home is blocked. It's just not a good way to treat someone. After all, I did get an EQD feature last night.So, to celebrate this, I have decided to give you guys a sneak preview of my rewirte of Twilight's Voyage, a Sci-Fi Alternate Universe fic about poines IN SPACE! You can currently find the fic on this site, but I would recomend against doing that until I have finished the rewrites, as I don't like it at the moment.Anyway, without any further adieu; the first scene of Twilight's Voyage (spoilers ahead, content may be subject to change as it is pending editing):Fifteen years after Princess Luna's banishment.The sharp clop of hooves on marble echoed throughout the eerily silent halls of Canterlot Castle, perpetually coated in an orange glow from the angry sun outside. The communication system is online. Sunset shook her head, slightly amused.What am I going to do with this guy? she wondered."I dunno," she replied casually, examining her plain, chipped fingernails. I hope you find someone though, i like the idea of this. So why is she looking forward to experiencing it again? Guess mares do love bad boys after all.Pinkie Pie X Octavia/Vinyl Scratch - as it turns out, Octavia IS Vinyl Scratch. 6313173622
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